Hey, Y'all! Daizha Here! I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby girl, soon-to-be new wife, and just new to an updated lifestyle. I'm navigating finding out who I am again in the midst of taking on so many new roles.  

I created this space when I was in college; and as I am growing, so is this space. I am always redesgining, reshaping, and reintroducing who I am, because I am constantly evolving. I am a Dallas native, graduate of Hampton University, and a lover of the arts and all things advocacy. 

I am a justice-seeking mama just looking to teach my daughter radical kindness, anti-racism, and the power in diversity and inclusion. I don't shy away from hard topics, and I am very opinionated (and educated) on what I believe in! I hope you join me on this journey to figuring out life! 

- xoxo Daizha

Fun Facts About Me 


My favorite store is Target ! 


I can eat tacos all day long. Especially Barbacoa Tacos! 


I'm marrying my college sweetheart. 


I speak French and English fluently ! 


I work in content creation for anti-racism and anti-bias education!