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17 Reasons Why I Love...

*Disclaimer: This post will get mushy, sentimental, real, and maybe uncomfortable for those of you relationship cynics out there.*

However, I wanted to do something different today because today is a special day.

September 17th is one of my favorite days of the year. September 17th is the day my best friend became so much more. The day we started this crazy journey called life as a weird little unit, and the day I found peace in the way I love, and the way someone loves me.

So, to Kenneth Rioland III/ Rio/Tres/Honeybunch/Makeveli… here are 17 reasons out of about 1000 why I love… you.

P.S: Happy Anniversary x2

Reason #1: His smile is like heaven. It takes all of the darkness away and brings in the light. That smile is sometimes the only thing I want to see during the day. That smile makes everything okay!

Reason #2: His soul shines through in everything he does. His spirit is magnetic. He is always giving, always genuine, always willing to serve.

Reason #3: We both have an addiction to eating food we’re not supposed to eat all the time. His love for food is as big as mine, and trust me, folks, that’s an important aspect of a relationship. We ain’t no salad eating couple.

Reason #4: He sees me for me. He sees my flaws, my joy, my pain, my stress, my anxiety, my happiness, and so much more and he knows that it is everything that makes me who I am. Most importantly he accepts that.

Reason #5: He is fine. Point. Blank. Periodt.

Reason #6: He is my safe haven. I watch about 100 criminal minds episode a week, and even when I’m paranoid about serial killers breaking into my house, when I’m with him I feel like nothing can touch me. He makes me feel secure when no one else can.

Reason #7: He likes to be goofy, himself, and authentic no matter what’s going on or where he is. (He thinks I don’t like this about him, but it’s actually one of my favorite things.)

Reason #8: He’s stolen the heart of my little sisters. No seriously, when he comes back home to Dallas with me, my youngest sister immediately rushes towards him and treats me like I’m chop liver. However, this is something I will always cherish.

Reason #9: He treats his mom like a queen. His family is his everything. When we have one someday, I know he will treat them the same.

Reason #10: He loves God more than he loves me. Nuff said.

Reason #11: He likes to watch Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime with me for hours. Netflix and Chill days are our favorite.

Reason #12: He is committed to serving the community he’s apart of. He is always willing to embrace others, empower others, and uplift others so that a community can be better. He’s a leader and it shines through everything he does.

Reason #13: We have inside jokes, handshakes, and code words, and it makes me happy.

Reason#14: He likes to make Mac n’ Cheese with me. We love to make Mac n’ Cheese.

Reason #15: He’s my best friend before he’s anything else. I’m constantly reminded of that.

Reason #16: He prays for everyone and everything. He never loses faith in the God we serve, and I have watched his growth in Christ and it’s beautiful.

Reason #17: I prayed to God my senior year to put people in my life that would love me unconditionally and inspire me to be better. A few days later, his name popped up in my phone. He’s been changing my entire world ever since.

Happy Anniversary Baby

Peace & Love, D

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