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The Gatekeeper: Access Denied

When we get a new electronic device, we turn it on, we set it up, and then we set up a password.

Whether it’s our phone, our laptop, or our wildly expensive apple watches, we put a privacy lock on our devices because it holds our life in the palm of our hands.

With a 4 to 6 digit code, only we hold the access to our personal data, pictures, text messages, and intimate details.

In other words, we set up a password as a gatekeeper to the things we hold dear. If someone tries to break in, access is denied. That's how a password works.

As I woke up this morning to go to my Saturday class, my professor said something to me that stuck out. “Access should not be granted to everyone.”

This got me thinking, that as people… we put so much emphasis on having locks on our devices that many of us don’t put passwords on ourselves.

We let people get close to us, disguising themselves as safe spaces, when really they are there to invade.

We grant people access to our bodies as if God has not ordained it a temple. As if we aren't yolked with someone in the process.

We grant people access to our spirit, letting them steal, kill, and destroy joy as they so please.

We let people enter and leave as they choose. They take intimate parts of ourselves then leave us emptier than we were before.

We guard our text messages more actively than we guard our hearts. We let people stomp on our emotions for a sense of security when really they just come to intrude like a thief in the night.

Whether we let people in emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually; every day we play the gatekeeper to our mind, body, and soul and sometimes we forget to keep the lock on.

As a woman, I grant access to people who have no interest in keeping me safe once they’re inside.

As humans, we crave connection from people who are only there for a temporary fix.

We build gates, but then leave them unlocked; leaving us vulnerable for anything and anyone to impose on our peace.

Once they leave, making us feel used or empty… we question how someone could intrude on our space so easily. But the gate has been busted open with ease… because we gave them the key.

It’s necessary to be careful with who is given access to your life. It’s necessary to discern between who is a visitor, a permanent resident, or an intruder.

It’s necessary to only give the password to those who can promise to keep it a secret.

Because once access is granted, it’s hard to find the strength to change the password to your heart. Some intrusions can’t be rectified with a simple four-digit code.

We are the gatekeepers to our own peace, and sometimes it’s necessary to keep it safe and say…

“Access Denied.”

Peace & Love, D.

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