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Springin' You Forward: What Is For You Will Be For You

I don’t know if it’s just at my university, or just HBCU’s, or maybe all colleges everywhere, but Spring Semester is busy.

The weather gets warmer, the classes are harder, the social activities get larger, and somehow I am still expected to stay on top of my mental, spiritual, and physical health.

But what else comes with Spring Semester is a whole lot of self-reflection, self-doubt, and rejection.

Let’s keep it a stack.

It’s internship application season, graduation (GOTTA FIND A JOB OR GRAD SCHOOL) season, find out what Greek Letter Organization you did or didn’t get into season, break up and makeup season… and every other activity that involves a form of acceptance or rejection.

We all can sit here and pretend like these things don’t affect us, but this is for sure, most definitely, compare yourself to everyone and everything season.

It starts subtly.

You see someone post about their new (insert accomplishment/ new bae/ new letters/ new job offer here).

Your first thought is, of course, to be happy for them, but there’s also the little twinge of sadness, knowing that their success isn’t your success.

In our society, this is a natural response. How can it not be when we spend a majority of our days capturing the good moments of our life on cameras, and hiding the traumatic things under our covers.

We double tap, like, retweet mere moments of other people’s lives, screaming “goals” or “this is toxic”.

We are conditioned to compare ourselves, to share moments with the world, and then slowly chip away at pieces of who we are while seeking approval from others.

Maybe not everyone does this, but I know I do.

I say all this to say…. I am now reclaiming this season as… “What is For You, Will Be For You” season.

God, the universe, karma, chakras, fate, whichever one you believe in has a very funny way of placing us where we need to be placed.

At first, we don’t understand, at first, we are sad, we are confused, we are angry, while simultaneously trying to force a smile and pretend that we completely accept everything that has been dealt to us.

That’s okay.

If there is one thing the Lord has been telling me the past few weeks it’s that, I am whole without my accomplishments. I am whole in him, I am whole within myself, I am whole by myself.

My accomplishments, my offers, my relationships, etc… they are all added to the parts of me that are already complete.

When we get into this mentality that we don’t exist without the things we involve ourselves in, or our identity is rooted in things and people and not in who we are as a person; we begin to question plans that we have no business questioning.

To be completely honest, rejection is one fear that I haven’t conquered yet. So, this particular lesson in my life is still being taught the hard way.

But, I am here to tell you, whoever needs to hear it…

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are growing, you are whole… and if you’re not whole yet, you are getting there.

If this is not your year for your goals and dreams, just wait on it. Something better, something more timely, something greater is meant for you.

It may not happen right away, it may not even happen the next year… but watch God strip away every plan, dream, and goal you have for your life and see what windows it forces you to look at in the bareness.

Sometimes we fill our minds with elaborate pictures of things we want, and God erases them so that he can paint something else.

He is saying, “What is For You, Will Be For You.”

You have to remember that rejection does not mean you aren’t enough. You are enough.

Some things just aren’t meant to be for you, and I promise you that downfall is the beginning of your greatest rise. You may stay down, shoot straight up to the top, or balance between the two… but that’s only because...

What is For You, Will Be FOR YOU!

Peace & Love, D.

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