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G.G.E: Good Girl Energy

Updated: May 24, 2019

Ever since I was little, I was given the title of a “good girl.”

This one label dictated how I talked, acted, dressed, and interacted with people up until about six months ago.

I was always so concerned with maintaining my innocence, maintaining an image of purity, and maintaining a “good girl” image.

Being a good girl was enforced in the way my mom used to yank my shirts up if they showed too much cleavage, or the grades I got, how modestly I dressed, how soft-spoken and gentle I was.

As I was trying to grow into what it meant to be a woman, what it meant for me to be a woman, I was still trying so hard to portray an image of something that I didn’t fully embody.

My womanhood was ultimately defined by what I could no longer be… A girl.

And I noticed as I’ve grown older, particularly in my collegiate career, that the term good-girl should never be defined by restricting a woman of embracing who she is emotionally, mentally, or sexually.

And it is not fair, that women walk around being told that what they do and do not do makes them less than “good.”

Women are not good because of what they don’t do, women are good because of what they do. Period!

Because my womanhood is not infinite. My womanhood cannot be defined by what others think it should be.

If I drink, it does not makes me “wild”, because when a guy does it “He’s just having fun.”

If I wear a short skirt or a tight dress, or my cleavage is out in the open, it does not give you an open invitation to call me “easy.”

If I am embracing my sexuality, it does not make me a hoe. Cause when a guy does it “he’s just living his best life.”

So a few months ago, I started to care less about what other people defined me as. I started caring less about what other people thought my womanhood meant.

I realized that me being a Good Girl, My Big D*ck Energy, was actually My Good Girl Energy.

I realized that I am a Good Girl all on my own because as I am growing, as I am thriving, as I am failing, and succeeding I am learning. I am pushing myself to be a woman that does not believe in barriers.

I am exploring what makes me happy, what causes me pain, and how I handle it all.

My good girl energy is unexplainable.

My good girl energy shows that I am everything.

It’s my humor, my confidence, my boldness, my fear, my pain, my love, my honesty, my sexiness, my shyness… and everything else that I am.

Being a good girl is not defined by what a man wants from me.

It’s not defined by me being pure enough, quiet enough, calm enough, submissive enough, or modest enough to please his manhood.

Being a good girl simply means I could destroy you with my spark.

My breast could feed a nation and still have enough left over to turn you on.

My hands could gently uplift you, and still, build up skyscrapers from concrete.

My heart is powerful enough to show love for you and myself, but cold enough to freeze you out.

My thighs hold treasure beneath them fierce enough to create life, but sacred enough to keep hidden.

My womb is soft enough to be a home for the most precious forms of life, all while being strong enough to hold God’s masterpieces.

My Good Girl Energy is simply powerful enough to drown you, but gracious enough to keep you afloat.

My Good Girl Energy is “good” because I say so. So don’t forget again.

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