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3 Ways To Be Productive, But Not Root Your Identity In Your Productivity

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Productivity is the name of the game when it comes to today's society. It's all about the hustle and the grind and not enough about the rest and restoration. I am very guilty of this finding my value in how many ticks I can make on my to-do list checkboxes. But, while being a working mom, homemaker, friend, sister, daughter, and Christian, I have found that this method of living gets me more stressed than anything.

Have you ever found yourself having a million things to do, and instead of getting them done, you plan on it but get overwhelmed with your list? Well, if you're anything like me, then this is what I am constantly guilty of, and I am tired of it.

So, I've been trying new methods out, and I've realized that there is a way to be productive, handle your stuff, and not find your identity in how much you get done, how much you hustled, and how many flashy things you did.

I believe in hard work and productivity and maximizing your time and life, but this culture is so easy to find your value in it and feel like a failure when you don't accomplish someone else's list of accomplishments or views of success.

Here are my five top tips for maintaining productivity in your life while still valuing your rest and wellness.


1. Write Down Your To-Do List Based on Priority, Not Task.

Every day, I used to look at my color-coated planner and write down everything that needed to get done. When I reached the end of my day and realized I only did maybe 3 out of the forty-five things I wrote down, I would go into panic mode.

Now I plan my days according to priority and date. I keep in mind the top one to three things I need to get done that day in three categories: work/school,

home, and wellness/personal. I've created a planner page that you can find at the end of this blog that has helped me format my day! It's fillable, and you can use it on your laptop or tablet!

I organized this planner page to include a to-do list for work life and home life. This way, I learn to separate the two and not find my entire life being wrapped up in a work to-do list.

I also value being a kind, anti-racist/anti-bias human and taking care of myself. Correction (I am learning to find the value in taking care of myself. It's essential to write things down that you can look at to remind yourself how amazing you are and how you can be kind and loving to others.

I hope this page helps you, and you can use it to organize and maximize your own life!

2. Start The Week on Sunday, Not Monday

In the words of Kanye, "They say the week starts on Monday, but the Strong Start on Sunday." I believe this is very true. Although Sunday should be a day filled with rest, it should also prepare you for the week ahead. If you take an hour every Sunday to plan your week, plan your meals, do a 30-minute tidy of your living space, and pick out your clothes... You've already saved a lot of time and maximized your productivity time. The best thing I have done as a mom and partner is to create a piece of paper with all of our meals for the week on it. Not only does it save me time, because every night I am not thinking about what we need to eat, it also saves me money. When our meals are planned, I only buy groceries that we need for those meals. We end up wasting less money, less food, and less time. I like things to be aesthetic, so of course, I also have a page that I use for our meals that I can refer to on my phone or put on the fridge. You can also download that at the end of this blog!

3. Don't Compare Your Process To Someone's Finish Line.

I saved this last tip mainly for myself. Instagram and TikTok have made everyone's highlight reel of life front and center for you to compare. It's easy to see someone's finish line and think... "why am I not there yet" or "How are they here, and I am not?". But the thing to keep in mind is, few people show you the process of their own personal finish line, just the results of their race. It's at our fingertips to let comparison be the thief of our joy, but we are in OUR season for a reason. God gives us seasons in life to grow, stay still, learn, hurt, thrive, and so much more. Just because His season for you currently may be a season of waiting, and someone else's is in a season of thriving, does not mean you are behind. It means you are right on time. When trying to be productive, don't forget to take care of yourself and be thankful for the season you're in.

***Here are some of the printable and fillable worksheets that have helped me! I hope they help you!***

Crafting My Life Planner Pages
Download PDF • 363KB
Meal Planner Page
Download PDF • 107KB

Peace & Love, D

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