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A Letter From A Tired Senior

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I have something to say.

And to be honest in terms of “Hampton Clout” I don’t really hold any “important level of popularity.” I’m not in SLP, I’m not Greek, I’m not one of the Big 3, I never held a class officer position. But I am involved. And I love everything I was apart of. I’m a leader regardless of what Hampton may define one as

I know my time at Hampton, I did so many important things. And regardless if you do SLP or SRT, if you are Greek or not Greek, if you only go to class or if you’re in every org... I think I just have some little tidbits of knowledge I picked up.

Yesterday I simply observed everyone express their difference of opinions about Hampton, it’s culture, the infamous SLP week, clout chasing etc.

There are many points I agree with. But these are just my personal sentiments. If my opinion doesn’t matter to you, you can stop reading. If you don’t like it, you can stop reading. But this is really for anyone who needs or wants to hear it.

Some people do join things just for Clout. Some people do join organizations just to be Greek. I have seen it first hand.Some people do just run for class officers for the resume builder. But ...some people DO love Hampton and want to make a difference. Some people simply just don’t want to experience college alone.

And though I’m not a personal fan of the Clout fiends. And I’ve talked my fair share of mess about the culture of MULTIPLE organizations even just a couple of days ago. I think I’m learning that I have no control over why someone is doing what they are doing and it usually doesn’t directly impact me. It’s frustrating as hell. It’s even annoying. But giving people grace is a very important lesson to learn at Hampton. I have friends in other organizations who talk badly about the organizations I am apart of simply because it’s the culture. And honestly, as much as it makes me question certain things… it’s not impacting me directly. That’s for them, and what’s mine is for me. 

Every organization I’m apart of has shaped me into the woman I am and constantly growing into. Hampton culture can be “toxic”. It can make you feel like you don’t matter if you don’t achieve certain aspirations. But if you don’t, it doesn’t make you less than. Let me say that again ... IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU LESS THAN. It doesn’t make you a reject, it doesn’t make you a failure, it doesn’t make you lazy, or mean your GPA is trash. Don’t let anyone regardless of what letters they wear on their chest, or blazer they have on, or gpa they have tell you otherwise!!! God knows you’re of the highest caliber and worthy to be called and no student should or can tell you otherwise.

Another piece of advice is...some things are just not that deep. In 3 years or less when you leave this place; NONE of this will make a difference in your future. Spend your days learning, meeting people who support you and who love you, spend your days doing something that challenges you. Spend your days trying to find  purpose and happiness.

There are many people who’s Hampton experience will be the best experience of their life. There are some who’s experience will be bad. There are some people who will peak at Hampton. There are some people who will thrive outside of it.

When someone has criticism about their home by the sea, instead of trying to dismiss their views and telling them to transfer, we should probably try practicing empathy. If our student body has issues, and we’re truly the genuine leaders who want to make a change we say that we are... that means listening to all people who have a voice on campus. Not just those we think who do.

I guess I say all of this to say. Your Hampton experience does have a huge impact on you, but it does not define who you are as a person. You have 4 years to make your experience what you want. It will involve frustration, happiness, sadness, growth, and relapse. It’s a journey. It follows many different roads and obstacles. And life will present you with similar people. There will be a bully everywhere you go, a user everywhere you go, a genuine person everywhere you go. Take these lessons and figure out which one you want to be and which ones you want to surround yourself with.

I’m thankful for everything I’ve experienced at Hampton, good or bad. So whatever your love is ? For the love of Greer, for the love of Greekdom, for the love of service, for the love of the chicken in the caf, for the love of whatever. Just make sure you’re doing it because you love it. If you can make people feel heard and feel like kindness is being stretched their way, I say do it all. Just do it out of love.

Sincerely, A Really Tired Senior

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